Sliding Web Panels and Continuous Scrolling in Mobile Web Design

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How to Beat Automated Resume Tracking Systems

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Texting in the Workplace and it’s pros and cons

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Open Sources Can Save You Money

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Data theft 2012 – How did the Grinch strike?

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Reasons to Visit London’s Shard Building

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The Original Arcade Classic Pong Turns 40

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Rockstar Want Players to Fly Between Cities in Next GTA

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‘Secret Title’ Teased by Square Enix

Square Enix have launched a mysterious website to promote what (presumably) will be their next video game. Although we won’t know exactly what the site is related to until the countdown ends (Tuesday,… Continue reading

Hitman: Absolution – Easter Egg Hunt

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Is this what the next Monkey Island game will look like?

If you’re a fan of point-n-click games (or LucasArts) then you’ll probably already know exactly what the marvellous Monkey Island is. For those who are unaware it’s an excellent adventure/puzzle game with a… Continue reading